Article/Blog Submission

Online marketing is the new face of marketing and promotion today. Be it any industry, corporation or firm online marketing is a new addition to the conventional ways of marketing. As a matter of fact it has been found that through out the world, online marketing has become the most preferred way to market and promote a product. Since 4 lac new people join internet every day, there can not be any other way better than online marketing because more number of people now can know about the products that are being marketed. So, wondering how has this way of marketing helped the companies to promote their products? Studies and statistics have revealed that online marketing has brought about a revolution in the world of marketing and promotion. Surprised? Now once you have come to know about this, you will also be looking for a platform to promote and market your company online, won’t you? At CompuAction Inc. you can get different methods of online marketing at reasonable rates. We have been providing online marketing services to a number of corporations through out the world.

Now there are a number of ways that comprise the online marketing and all these ways are being used very effectively across the globe. The online marketing methods that are the most popular are marketing through article writing and blog posting. Article writing and posting on the net is the method that started earlier but still is being seen as one of the most important contribution to the world of online marketing. First an idea is taken about the product that needs to be marketed, and after gathering complete information about it an article is written mentioning everything including the pros and cons of the product. An idea takes birth in the mind of the contributor, and he considers writing stubs or very short articles initially. Stubs are the ugly ducklings which are developed into swans with some effort. A stub if contains some real content, it becomes an article.CompuAction Inc. provides the platform to post articles to many industries and has incredibly helped them to market themselves.

Writing blogs is a newer version of online marketing and CompuAction Inc. provides unparallel platform to post blogs and promote your products. A blog basically is a form of website maintained by an individual and is fed with regular description of events, commentary, graphics and videos as well where the entries are maintained in reverse chronological order. Many blogs provide news or commentary on various subjects, while many are more of personal diaries. Blogs contain images, texts as well as links to different blogs or web pages related to similar topics. A blog should be interactive and enable its readers to leave their comments.   
Through the press release submission services of CompuAction Inc. you can easily reach out to a number of investors and journalists. Online marketing through press release differs marginally from a news article. Journalists put together the facts and publish them in the media in the form of news articles whereas press releases are designed and sent to the journalists so that they get courage to develop different articles about different subjects. Press releases highlight important programs or events and they can also be useful information provided by the organizations about the what, who, why, how, when and where of a story. They help to create social awareness and also boost traffic of a particular website.