Our e-learning solution training evaluation and development follows a predefined process of:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Instructional Design
  • Deployment and Testing

The analysis stage includes studying the target audience, the primary objectives of the e-learning initiative, studying the content, the technical needs, the organization and structure of the content and so on.

  • Target audience Study
  • Content Analysis
  • Format and presentation of the content
  • Learning Management System Analysis

The primary objectives in any e-learning initiative can be many. The following are a few of them

  • Marketing learning material or online courses to a global audience
  • New channels of instruction
  • Targeting various marketing segments
  • Internal training within an organization
  • Standardization that can reduce the dependence on instructional expertise. Study of the content

Ready-made content if available is studied to see if it can be used as it is, or to what degree it needs modification or restructuring. In some instances, multimedia elements can be added to the content. And if it is deemed necessary, then the bandwidth considerations of the preferred medium used (Intranet or the web) needs to be made. This is where the instructional designer plays an important role in studying the objectives, the target audience and then redesigning the content appropriately.

Technical study

Based on the same objectives, the need for a learning management system - a custom built, readymade solution or a customized solution is evaluated. For example, in some cases, a virtual classroom may be the solution, or in others it may be a simple electronic white board solution along with a few content development tools. If it is a virtual classroom, then what degree of collaboration is required? Will it be one-one (instructor-student) or one-many (instructor-student groups) or collaboration between small individual groups or a free for all session where anyone involved with the classroom can choose to interact in any fashion with anyone else in the class room.