Link Building

Off-page optimization or off-page optimization SEO are techniques implemented off the pages of a particular website in order to maximize the performance of its search engines targeting keywords that are related to the contents of a page. For example placing and linking keywords in link anchor text is called off-page optimization. In other words methods used to obtain links are also called as off-page optimization. These methods include press releases, social networking, link exchanges, article distribution, posting blogs, one-way and three-way linking, forum posting, directory listings and link campaigns. At CompuAction Inc. incredible opportunities for off-page optimization are provided and we have a huge database of satisfied customers.
Now in order to improve the search engine of your website and increase the visitor traffic on your website, there are a number of things that you can implement to your off-page optimization. Off-page factors must be considered carefully so that a higher ranking in search engine is achieved. Primarily these factors are tied to the inbound and outbound techniques or the site’s linking techniques. You should be keeping a regular eye on the following: -

  • The popularity of he websites that link to yours and the sites that you link to
  • If the inbound links to your website are relevant to your content or not
  • The popularity of your website
  • The number of votes to your website’s popularity i.e. the number of back links to your website because these votes increase the importance of the website from search engine’s prospective.

Now there are many factors that are considered by a search engine in evaluating your site’s off-page optimization. You should check the rank of the pages that link to your website. This is very important because higher ranked websites that are linked to your website are much better than the ones with lower ranks. A site has an increased voting power if the page rank increases. You should check the anchor text of your site’s links. The anchor text points to the relevant area that a linking site has placed on your website and your primary keywords should also be included in the anchor text. The anchor texts should not be same in each of the websites that link to yours. Variability in anchor text is very inevitable.

The page title of the page that is linked to your website is a very important factor. It is always better if the title of the page that is linked to your website has one of your keywords. You have to check whether the link to your website is a one-way link or a reciprocal link. In case of a reciprocal link you have to link back to the site that has linked to you, but it is a negative trait as you lose your web page rank. The invaluable services of CompuAction Inc. enable you to keep check on the above mentioned factors and improve your off-page optimization.

Now if you are wondering as to what link building is, CompuAction Inc. can efficiently answer your queries. Link building is the process by which you can create inbound links to your own website. This is done by the reciprocal links, search engines, directories etc. Link building makes your site popular. Reciprocal links are the link exchanges where two webmasters show other’s link on their own website. The advantages of link building are: -

  • Link building helps to get quality traffic from some relevant websites and increase the sales
  • Link building creates awareness, credibility and visibility of your website
  • The site can obtain wider exposure in search engine with the help of link building
  • Link building gets the websites indexed by search engines

In today’s world of online business, link building has become very important and they are worth the money that you will be spending on your website. The types of link building that are being done throughout the world are reciprocal link, link exchange, three-way and one-way linking, link campaign, under linking, over linking, link doping, incestuous linking etc.