Website Maintenance Contract

“Having a non updated website is like selling rotten apples aggressively”
CompuAction Inc. excels in providing website maintenance service giving the end-users the revised websites. CompuAction Inc. delivers an effective maintenance system which is customized according to needs and requirements of the customer goals and their success is our ultimate goal. We strongly believe in maintenance services as they help in achieving corporate goals to a great extent by giving prompt and valuable services.

CompuAction Inc. has a skilled and efficient website maintenance team to maintain the day-to-day functioning of the organizations. So that the companies don’t have to bother about the maintenance of an in-house team for this purpose. In addition, it becomes economical in terms of resources and space. Also, if you spend a fraction of cost on our maintenance team it would make the job worthwhile.

CompuAction Inc. takes all kinds of projects including technical support work. We help test, monitor and maintain any web applications. We update product changes, keeping homepage fresh to attract traffic, addition of breaking news or forthcoming events, addition of graphics, photos and charts, site facelifts and text rephrasing and enhancement.
Website maintenance involves complete backup print of your website, testing subsequent to every edit, communication through email, monthly invoicing and personal service.

Why prefer CompuAction Inc.’s website maintenance service:-

  • Minimum turnaround time.
  • Critical inquiries are handled with 2-3 hrs on higher side.
  • Monthly tips & proactive support on improving the website.
  • Complete security & privacy maintained for your online data.
  • Dedicated design coordinator is assigned to answer all your queries.
  • Above all we are always ready with professional advice & personalized support.