About CompuAction Inc.

Offshore development by CompuAction Inc.
Are you looking for custom software development? Take advantage of the offshore development. DotNetSpider offers offshore development in India in .NET technologies. We offer world class custom software development in our India development center.

Our software development services include:

Product Development - We will develop and maintain the product for you while you retain the ownership and rights on the product. You can focus on marketting and selling, while we silently develop the product for you as per your specifications and requirements. We will keep our identity confidential and you can market the product as your own product.
Support & Maintenance - Support and maintenance is very critical in keeping the customers happy. Our operations team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can sit in our office and support customers in any part of the world through phone, email or chat. Our trained staff are very fluent in English and are specially trained for customer interaction.

every year an increasing number of IT companies choose to outsource some of their work to remote specialists. They may choose to outsource the development of separate projects or establish their own Offshore Development Center (ODC), which then serves as an extension of the company's development team.

The work of large IT companies primarily consists of the constant development of new IT products as well as regular software updates and maintenance. By establishing an ODC, the company creates its own virtual office with development staff that is exclusively assigned to that company's needs and works according to the company's requirements and standards.

CompuAction Inc. offers clients high quality Offshore Development Center services. Our experience shows that long-term engagements such as ODC services can be a cost-effective and time-saving solution for all parties involved..

Having CompuAction Inc. create an ODC can be much more beneficial for our clients than outsourcing separate projects for several reasons: CompuAction Inc. has gained comprehensive and highly specialized experience in organizing ODCs. Our ODC prices are lower than the prices for outsourced projects. We always strive to provide the best development engineers with very specialized competencies in order to maintain a high level of quality.

One of CompuAction Inc.'s greatest advantages over our competitors is our attention to the team building process. Our team consists of well-trained and highly experienced software engineers and senior developers, who manage the work of the team.

Commitment to high quality is one of CompuAction Inc.'s core values and serves as the main approach with our clients.